Thursday, January 31, 2008

Month End...

Network marketing is one big fun game. If you think about it everyone starts off at $0.00 on the first day of each month - by the last day you hope that your $0.00 has turned into many thousands of dollars. The only person that can change the $0.00 to a tangible dollar figure is you! I like the term "taking action". Unless you take action, as the month progresses your $0.00 will remain just that nothing! Since this is the last day of January, 2008, why not right down a few goals to reach for February, 2008 and take action to build your business! I know one of my goals for February, 2008 is to meet someone, to bring on board with my FreeLife business. I know I will have to take action by talking to a number of people until I find someone that understands the power of network marketing and duplication. Take a minute to think about your goals and what action you are going to take to reach those goals...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On January 8th, 2008, FreeLife unveiled the new enhanced Himalayan Goji Juice: GoChi. The name is a combination of the words "goji" and "chi". Chi is a chinese word meaning "life energy". As amazing as Himalayan Goji Juice is, GoChi is more effective and powerful. GoChi represents the next generation of Himalayan Goji Juice. GoChi is scientifically demonstrated to deliver results in just 14 days!

GoChi takes Himalayan Goji Juice to a level never seen before in the nutritional juice is what makes GoChi so amazing:

*Preservative free
*30% more of the special goji LBPs polysaccharides than the original Himalayan Goji Juice
*Kosher certified
**Proven by double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled studies
** A recent groundbreaking study has shown that GoChi™ can literally change your health and well-being for the better in 13 key areas. The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial demonstrated that a daily serving of just 4 ounces of GoChi can significantly improve a wide range of key health aspects in as little as 14 days! Key health aspects are:

Less fatigue
Improved athletic performance
Increased energy
Reduction of stress

Feeling calmer
Increased ability to focus
Sharper mental acuity
Better quality of sleep

Easier ability to wake up
Better bowel regularity
Feeling happier

Feeling more content

Take Action...Get Off The Couch (Lifestyle Change)

For many people the thought of working out each day is a miserable thought...for me it is just part of my everyday routine. I have always been interested in feeling healthy and looking fit and taking action to make it happen for myself. I grew up in a family that was very aware of the foods that were brought into our home. My mom was eating Tofu in the 70's before anyone knew what it was! Also, our family was very active. My parents both had their weekly workout regimens, whether it was walking, Jane Fonda workouts (did that just date me), tennis, skiing or heading to the gym. Growing up in that type of environment is all I knew. It was our way of life.

When I got pregnant with each of my three kids my body seemed to want to grasp on to every calorie I put into my mouth. With my first pregnancy I gained about 72lbs., with my second it was over 60lbs, and with my third It was in the ballpark of the high 50's. I was a site to see! I remember the day before I had my first child, I was wearing an Ohio State basketball was about the only thing I could get over my belly and my larger than life breasts that popped out of nowhere! The basketball on the t-shirt was positioned perfectly over my round belly. It is so funny to look at pictures of that day...yes we were at a friends house and they could not believe my size so they snapped a picture of me!

When growing up I was always thin. I had such thin legs, like chickens! I could eat anything and I would not gain any weight except my freshman year at The Ohio State University when I gained 25 lbs.! I had a roommate that worked at Graeter's Ice Cream and she would bring back to our room the day old baked goods. I also lived on North campus so when I would go out it would be on South so I had about a mile walk home and in that mile I would have to stop to get a gyro, a Buckeye Donut, and whatever else jumped out at me at 2am!

I think because I am so active the same is true today with my weight. After having my first child one of my favorite gifts that was given to me was a personal trainer! I think everyone thought I would be stuck in this larger body for the rest of my life. Having a trainer was awesome! I had always worked out but the trainer just pushed me to the next level. Needless to say, I lost all my weight I gained during my pregnancy. With my second child birth I was not so lucky to get the trainer as a gift. Everyone knew that my body would plateau back to its' original size. I still had to workout to feel healthy and get firm.

Why am I telling you all this...because there are many people out there that gain weight when they get pregnant or just gain weight without being pregnant. Even though my body is predisposed to being little I do need to work on it. Many of you reading this only have another 5-10 pounds to shed that you cannot get rid of. You need to tell yourself to take action and do something about it. Change your lifestyle to fit what you want. DO NOT DIET. If diets worked then why are there so many of them? Just change your lifestyle, meaning change your eating habits and get active! Whether it is eating smaller portions, only eating desserts on the weekend, cutting out soda pop, changing over to everything 100% whole wheat, not eating the leftovers off of your kids plates (which is a big one), whatever you can do to cut back on your calorie intake will help.

A big part of a lifestyle change is taking action, meaning get off of the couch. I know many of you are stay at home moms and live in your car. While waiting in the pickup line squeeze your buttocks together about 100 times - trust me you will be feeling it tomorrow! Do that for a month and see if you get results! Another way to motivate yourself is to find a workout buddy or join a gym where you can meet people to encourage you to reach your goals. Sorry to say...unless you have surgery you are going to have to get active and close your mouth more...otherwise you will not get the results you want. If you give yourself a realistic time frame to lose your weight you will be able to achieve your goals. Tell yourself you are going to lose 2-3 pounds per week..which is very achievable. If you tell yourself you are going to lose 10 pounds each week that is being unrealistic. Another thing - do not weigh yourself everyday. Maybe only weigh yourself once a month. Trust me you will know if you are dropping pounds by the way your clothes fit.

Get your kids involved and have fun reaching your goals! A lifestyle change is good for the entire family:)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Never drop a live frog straight into a pot of HOT water...

It will JUMP out at you!! Can you relate this to business and people? A friend and I were discussing this tale of the frog today...she had heard a gentleman talking about it and it very much amused me. I wanted to share my thoughts about this frog issue.

Think about it...if you are going to cook a frog the best way is to set it in a pot of cool water. The frog will get comfortable there and you can slowly turn up the heat until...the frog gets cooked to death! If you first boil the water and then put the frog in the frog will JUMP OUT AT YOU!

Do you sometimes wonder why people get involved with certain businesses and just stay even though they are in "stagnant"water? Do they just get comfortable with their environment and think making a change is just too scary? You have to ask yourself... Do things in my home business change for the positive or negative in a gradual way? Are you making excuses as to why things are not moving in the "right" direction? Like the cool pot of water that slowly heats up and then kills the frog this same scenario happens to many in network marketing and mlm companies. People are excited about their new company and like the products and start sharing with others. Maybe the pay plan changes or the company advisers change, or your downline/upline leaves for other things, or you just do not have support from your downline/upline. Whatever it may be, if these things happen in a slow progression maybe you do not see the slow death to your business.

Have you asked yourself lately...If I have not reached my goals, WHY am I still with the same company? Is it time for a change???

Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog Backup

It takes many hours to create a can take a split second to lose it all. I just found a great tool for those of you that have been aggravated and upset over losing blog contents or that want to take measures to not lose your blog. I just backed up my WAHM University blog in less than 5 minutes (which included clicking on my email activation code)...and it was not complicated!
Visit BlogBackupOnline to start backing up your blog now!


Since WAHM University is here to help you balance out your life I thought I would add an entry about Yin and Yang. When I built my house I was inspired by Feng Shui (which will be another topic for another day - but I will touch on a bit today). While doing the research, I learned about YIN YANG and I am going to share that with you.

Yin (feminine) has traditionally been associated with the Earth and our environment. Its qualities represent the winter, the cold, the dark, stillness, death and water. Tradition associates the Yin with the Tiger.

Yang (masculine) represents Heaven, infinity or the cosmos. It is the warm, bright, well lit, hot, active, moving and living side of life. Its principle is that of of birth and renewal, It is more active in summer and tradition associates it with the Dragon.

AS SHOWN ABOVE: The Yin Yang symbol is a reflection of the ebb and flow of energy. It illustrates darkness following light, yet each has a little of the other deep inside. In good times there are few challenges and in bad times there seems to be small miracles. Harmony between these two principles arises from the constant search for equilibrium between them.

The fundamental Principle of Yin Yang Balancing: Feng Shui is based on the principle of Yin and Yang. According to Chinese culture, everything in this universe has Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) qualities. Balance, harmony, consistent change, and the interdependency of all things are but a few of the deep meanings within this simple representation. The Yin Yang Principle dictates that for every positive, there is a negative. For every male, there is a female; For there are brightness and darkness, good and bad. Good Feng Shui is where the balance of Yin and Yang achieves harmony and the Chinese believe that everything has Qi (Chi) or cosmic energy. For example: A room with no windows, very little light and dark walls (YIN) needs more (YANG) bright pictures, furniture and more lighting to stimulate the CHI.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Adding Search Blog Box

I learned how to add a search box to my blog today! I thought this was a useful tool to add for guests. Since I think the search tool is so nifty I am going to let you know how to add a search blog box to your Blogger - blogpost.

1) Go to your Dashboard
2) Click on Layout
3) Click On Add A Page Element
4) Add HTLM/Javascript
5) Enter this code in the box - remember to change the items below:

6) Click Save
7) Place your new Page Element where you want it on your page

Now your guests can search your blog. Good Luck!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Swap Groups

If you are not familiar with 'swapping groups" they are a fast growing trend of social communities. These groups are intended to help increase your sales and support fellow consultants. This idea of swapping helps those in mlm and network marketing to build a customer base and even get some new distributors. Catalog & Party Swaps are a great way to get your name in different areas and help with sales on slow months!

Here is how most of the groups work:
By joining a group, you are committed to 12 months of shopping. If you join and feel you cannot commit to make a purchase each month then these are not the groups for you. Only join these groups if you intend to stay until you have completed your 12 month commitment. If you cannot commit, then you will be dropped from the group AND you get reported as an untrustworthy consultant.

These swaps represent a pure relationship building idea that helps everyone involved in the group with sales. Each month you will purchase from the COTM (Consultant Of The Month) Some of the groups allow more than one rep per company while others only allow one rep per company. Each member is required to purchase an item which costs between $10-40 worth pre-tax and s/h - depending on the group. The companies(consultants) will rotate each month. Depending on when you join is where you will stand in the rotation process.

So if you are someone who likes to support WAHM businesses these SWAPS are definitely for you!

To locate SWAPS do a search on Google Or Yahoo Groups.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Notepad By Your Bedside

I was about to head up for the night and remembered I needed to get a fresh notepad to put on my night table. Since day-to-day life can be nonstop hustle and bustle it seems the only time to unwind is when relaxing before bed. Many of us either watch television or read a book to clear our minds before sleeping. I know many people need some quiet time before shutting off their lights...I know I do! When the house gets quiet that seems to be the time the brain starts getting creative juices flowing with ideas. It is also a time when things you were suppose to do or have to do pop into your head (I know that is what happens to me). Instead of trying to remember what just popped into your head until morning, try writing it down on a notepad next to your bed.

This idea also works great for children. It will relieve anxiety for them when they feel thay have to remember things for school the next day or when they want to tell parents or friends something. Just have your child keep a notepad next to their beds. It is also great because your children will not have to come down the hall every ten minutes to tell you something. I tell my children I will read the pad when I tuck them in late at night (after they fall asleep) or I will read the pad in the morning. I feel it makes the kids less anxious knowing that they will be heard...words are very powerful and you don't want to lose a great thought just because you thought you could remember it till morning...why take the chance!

RSS Feeds - Basic Introduction

RSS stands for several things, the most widely accepted being Really Simple Syndication. You have probably seen small, often orange, RSS or XML icons on websites. These icons link to that website’s feed. RSS feeds often include the title of the article and a small excerpt or even the whole article. RSS has become extremely popular with blogs since people often update the material.

Using RSS can save you lots of time on a daily basis. Let’s say you visit a list of 5 home based business websites three times a day. Currently, you visit them one by one in your browser, look for a new story and then go on. Going through all 5 sites might take 5 minutes or more if you find a new article. With RSS, all you do is go into an RSS feed reader and you will instantly know which websites have new articles and which don’t. You will also be able to see past entries with RSS. Now, imagine if you wanted to keep tabs on 20 websites. RSS is easily your best solution for saving time.

Here are a list of some RSS readers:
Google Reader (one of my favorites) is like having an inbox for the information on the internet! Also, check out NetNewsWire, RSS Bandit, Lektora, NewsGator, Sage(Firefox Extension) and NewsFire.

More on Google’s Feed Reader. You will have to have a Gmail or Google account for this to work though. Go to the personalized home website and login. Click the button labeled Add Content in the upper left corner. Google already has several feeds from which you can choose, but we are interested in the Create a Section. Click to expand this section and then add the URL of a feed you wish to add then click Go. The section will be added to your personalized page, where you can drag it wherever you want. Click Close when you have added all the feeds you wish.


Welcome to WAHM University Blog!!! I hope all of the WAHM's , WAHD's, and all WAH men and women find useful information on our site to help with your business and daily life!

One topic of discussion is going to be FEEDS. I know it will help out many other WAHM's when posting to their blogs.

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