Friday, April 18, 2008

Social and Business Networking - Easy Income Stream

I have been using some networking sites to promote my business and just came across a site that is not only FREE but it shares the profits the site makes from advertising with all of their FREE users. The site has only been open for 5 weeks! It is like MySpace but you get to earn as you use it!!!

Of course I had to sign up

Unlike other social networks, this company called ZenZuu helps you make money just for signing up and creating a profile like you have done with other social/business network sites like MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, The Network Marketing Hangout and so many others.

On ZenZuu you get to share your pictures, videos, music and more. Whether you want to make new contacts for business or for pleasure ZenZuu gives you all the tools necessary.

Once you sign up for your FREE account post your ZenZuu link on your site or email your friends and business partners to let them know about this Free service and put some extra income in their pockets too!

Since this network is so new you can be one of the first to tell everyone about it!

Create A Great Day!

P.S. My sister just read my blog and had me visit YUWIE This is the same type of idea where you can earn for being a member. If you are already earning from one of these sites please post your success here!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In Profit! Need Help! Serious Inquires ONLY!!!

ONLY call if you are:
MLM leadership type or strong entrepreneur.
Commission and Bonuses with position.

Our key product is a new blockbuster nutraceutical product released on February 1, backed by double blind, placebo controlled clinical study.

I have a profitable downline leg for sale. Since January the sales for the leg have averaged about $15,000. I am looking for a seasoned network marketer to take over the leg. Last month we had brought in many new Marketing Executives to the leg and the growth is going to explode. We are opening Germany in the next few weeks and two of the new reps are from Germany with connections.

You are probably asking why is this leg for sale? The leg is still in my downline so it will not effect my earnings. The gentleman that is selling the leg runs his own very profitable family business that has been passed down through generations and he just does not have the time to devote to helping support the group. He is a dear friend and is willing to let it go so that it can be worked by an individual that can help support the leg better than he can at this time in his life. With all the new activity my friend cannot focus on this business any longer. If any of you would like to discuss this further PLEASE email me with your details and contact information. I am working on a few inquiries for the leg right now but have not made a decision so the leg is still up for grabs. I will check my emails often.
Create A Great Day!
Shelley Kimberly

shelleyk (at) - this is my email just get rid of the ( ) and put in the @ symbol and move the words closer together. OR just click on this email link

Monday, April 14, 2008

How To Get A Grip!

"Meaning Maintaining A Healthy Perspective on Life"...Here are some tips:

1)Take A Breather - Research shows that only 5% of the things we actually worry about happen - So STOP WORRYING!

2) What Are The Chances Of The Worse Case Scenario Ever Happening? You have a fabulous white dress hanging in your closet that you have never own because you think you will get something on it...well, no one will ever see you in it either if you do not take the chance!
3) Balance Your Vision And Your Current Situation - With each challenge that you are faced with use it to bring you closer to your goals!
4) Become Solution Oriented Not Problem Focused- This will help you to change your mindset - The glass is half full instead of half empty!

5) God Would Not Give You More Than You Can Handle! The Challenges you are given in life are because you have it in your power to handle the challenges placed in front of you!

Create A Great Week Everyone - And Don't Forget To Drink Your New GoChi!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Virus - On My Computer - I Found Free Help!!!

Sorry I have not connected with all of you in over a week...I had a virus on my computer. In the process of figuring out how to get the bloody thing off of my computer I found a great resource to share with all of you. The site is called There is a message forum on the site where you post the issue you are having with your computer. Once you post you then wait for one of their professional computer Guru's to help you out. My personal Guru's login name was KAHDAH and he was awesome!

Your personal Guru will tell you step by step how to check for a virus, spyware, malware whatever you want to call it. They will then give you very easy steps to follow to get the malicious thing off of your computer.

If you are having an issue with your computer head over to set-up an account and find you personal Guru today!

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