Monday, March 24, 2008

Are You Scared Of The Crocodile?

You are thinking...Crocodile???? What I mean is are you scared of rejection? Do you hate cold calling? Are you scared of someone telling you NO on the other end of the line. I was reading an article today about a gentleman that just hated rejection so he sought out a way to grow his business without rejection - at least rejection face to face or during a phone conversation.
Here is what he did:

1) You need some money to spare - This is your business so you need the money for business expenses that will be written off at year end.

2) With the money you need to buy promotional DVD's, tapes, brochures that contain information about the product or business you want to share with others.

3) Do a search on Google or another search engine to find Spam - Free business opportunity lists that contain home addresses.

4) Type a good letter, To Whom It May Concern or Future Business Partner or Nutrition Product User - whatever suits your needs. I would make the letter short and to the point. If it is not short you will lose your reader. Make sure the letter contains your contact information, phone, email, website. Also, make sure to tell the person to get back to you within a certain time period after they have reviewed the information you have sent to them. You should also give step by step instructions of how to place their order on your website. Make it as easy as possible for them. DO NOT FORGET TO include one of the promotional DVD's, tapes or brochures in the mailing.

5) Take action - send out at least 100 packages per day for two weeks and then see what happens. You should start to see some results within a few days.

This form of advertising is for the person that has some money to spare, time on their hands to send out all the mailings, and the person that is scared to hear a voice on the other end of the phone saying NO. It is also a great avenue for the stay-at-home mom that has kids running around all day and cannot get a minute to talk on the phone without being interrupted. The mailings can be filled in the evening once the kids get to bed and you are watching television.

I feel it is always better to build a relationship with your potential customer or marketing representative. For this reason I feel it is very important to be able to track those that go directly to your site and place an order and then YOU MUST pick up the phone and call them or email them. Your reorder rate will be much higher if you have some sort relationship.

Well, this is the answer to the best non face to face rejection free cold calling!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Do You Have A Plan B?

I Do! Turning on the news today was a bit dismal. When you see one of the oldest and at one time one of the most respected agencies crashing you have to sit back and say to yourself "Am I secure with the company I am with - long-term?" I am commenting on Bear Stearns, once the biggest underwriter of U.S. mortgage bonds. JPMorgan Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon bought Bear Stearns.

You also have to wonder where this world is headed when the second top news story for the day is the Heather Mills Paul McCartney divorce settlement. People are losing their homes - hey people wake up - will their divorce affect the common person? So you get my point - that means YOU - wake up!

So do YOU have a PLAN B? Are you seriously looking for a Plan B or do you think you will never lose your JOB? You say to yourself "I work for a solid company - no need for concern." Well, with the news about Bear Stearns, the cost of gas prices, a weak US dollar, and a stock market that is taking a roller coaster ride I think you need to have a Plan B - I am not your mother but just giving my advice.

I can only offer suggestions for you - it is up to you on what you do with that information. I have my PLAN B and will offer the same PLAN B to you.

Have you ever heard of legendary Wall Street investment banker, Anson Beard of Morgan Stanley fame? He gave Bill Gates his start in business -- a shrewd investment by any standards when you look at what it is all worth today. If you missed that one … Well... guess what?

Anson Beard has the same high opinion of my company - FreeLife International. In fact, you can hear all about it by calling our pre-recorded information hot-line at: the following number….

1-800-795-0222 and listen to Option # 4

It's well worth listening to. Also, take time to listen to some of the other options at the number above.

My advice: you don't want to miss out on this!
Whether you simply want to make a little extra or you're looking for a business sized income, there is an option waiting for you at If this does not open use the address bar not the search engine.
I'm looking forward to helping you take advantage of this unique opportunity with FreeLife. This can be your Plan B!

You can read about Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki endorsing the Network Marketing industry in their book "Why We Want You To Be Rich"
Happy St. Patty's Day!!!!!!!!
Create A Great Week!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Can Someone Please Get Me A Drink?

I am happy to say I am glad it is Sunday! I have Tom Petty playing in the background and ready for my week to begin. I know this is going to be a great week because last week was a bit challenging - not going into details but trust me I know the Spring flowers are just around the corner and I cannot wait to feel the sunshine in my face while going for a long run. It will also be nice to veg-out on my new patio, with a nice cocktail and nice conversation with friends in the upcoming weeks (hopefully the temperature will rise a bit to make this all happen!) I will be trying out my new GoChitini's on my guests!

Here is my GoChitini recipe:
- 1 1/2 cups FreeLife GoChi Juice
- 2 oz. Absolute (or Grey Goose) Citron (Vodka) or Gin (whatever you prefer - I prefer the Vodka))
- 1 oz. Cointreau orange liqueur
- 1 lime (sliced for garnish on side of glass)

Combine FreeLife GoChi Juice, Absolute and Cointreau together, pour into glasses and garnish with the lime slices.

Create A Great Week!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Beer Belly or Buff Body...Your Choice

I just got back from visiting a sick friend in the hospital. Sickness - death is a part of our lives. Being surrounded by it in a hospital is the most depressing place to be - at least that is how I feel. I wish there was never such a thing as death. I wish everyone I knew could see the importance of a good fitness routine and good nutrition. I want my friends and family to be with me forever!!

To keep a sound body and mind I try each day to work on myself. I would choose a buff body over a beer belly any day! A healthy body means a healthy mind - unless you were born with a preexisting condition or something happened to you that was out of your control I feel there is no reason to not get busy on becoming a healthier you...that means when you are done reading this get up and do 25 jumping jacks!

For me being active with a daily fitness routine makes me feel better. It does take time and dedication on my part. When I feel better I seem to accomplish more for my family, friends and business. It just feels so good to sweat!

I am going to help out my readers and list a few websites to help get you started on the road to treating your body right! I have listed a few sites that are updated on a regular basis.

Lifeskooltv - This site is awesome! Free On Demand Workout Videos. This site features daily workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home!

Neil McTeggart - personal trainer - Online Fitness Editor for Men’s Health Magazine.

Fitness Chapter - 20 something blogs about fitness

Better Golf With Fitness - Educating golfers about golf specific fitness. Great for anyone but geared towards helping golfers get the most benefit for their swing!

Muscle Hack - More Muscle, Less Fat, Less Time

The Fit List - Workout Tips From Celebrity Trainers - Providing easy, online access to government information on food and human nutrition for consumers. Great overall nutrition informational site.

DietFacts - Data collected from food labels and nutrition guides - Nutrition facts and diet information on fast food and restaurants as well.

Of course check out FreeLife to add some great products to your daily routine! The GoChi tastes like liquid, strawberry Jell - O!!

Create A Great Day!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Does Sex Sell?

The topic came up with a group of my friends. We saw a tidbit on one of the entertainment shows that Victoria's Secret may be covering up - meaning toning down their new ad campaign. It seems that they feel they are getting too "sexy"and not gearing enough towards the sophisticated side of marketing their lingerie. I do get the Victoria's Secret catalogue and some of the pictorials seem a bit over the top - especially when my daughter is by my side and wants to get a glimpse at the "pretty" girls. I have to turn the pages quickly or just look at the catalogue when she is not in the room.

There are several marketing companies that use sex to sell their products. Have you watched ESPN lately? If not you are missing out on some of the 'hottest" commercials on television. Sexual appeal is not only selling lingerie but beer, chips, cars, water and many other consumer products. Did you see the Paris Hilton ad for burgers? I do not like Paris Hilton - never met her but I just think she is a dumb blond that lives off of daddy's money and the money she has made the last few years with her silly television show and commercials - well, maybe she is not so dumb after all! The commercial brought a lot of attention and I am sure it has been credited with increased burger sales to the establishment, Carl's Jr. If you you have not seen the commercial here it is - sorry if it offends some of you but this is all relative to my article.

My question is...Are you more prone to watch a commercial that is "sexy" - not flip the station - or do you still flip through the stations even when you stumble on a commercial with sexual appeal? I will be honest - I like to watch the commercials. I am an attractive (at least I think so), married woman who likes a bit of eye candy once in awhile. There are two sides - attraction to the men and attraction to the women. I like the commercials where the guys are usually shaving or putting on deodorant. Those commercials usually show a buff guy in a towel. I respect those guys...I know they are just actors doing their job but it took dedication and a lot of hard work to get their bodies in that condition. As long as my kids are not in the room I do not feel a need - or want to switch the channel.

Sex appeal sells because it attracts the attention to the viewers. When marketing "sexual" appeal with your product you must make sure it is done in good taste and not offensive. If there is a way to make it connect to the product you are showing that is a plus! You also have to take into consideration your "branding" of your product, company and/or name. Do not let this type of advertising tarnish what you have worked so hard to establish.

In its February 2008 issue, Playboy ranked the 21 sexiest commercials of all time. There are commercial from 1967 for Noxzema, as well as, the infamous DORITOS 3D ad in 1998 with ALI LANDRY. Of course, Victoria's Secret made the list as well.

Friday, March 7, 2008


I believe CONFIDENCE brings belief to who you are....Believe me - if you can believe in yourself, your business, your product people will flock to you! Create A Great Weekend!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Got My Book!

My publisher just sent me a brand new copy of my new book! The Power of Mentorship for the Home Based Business. I am giving away personally signed copies of my three books - read below for details.

Yes, I am a contributing author in this book. This is my third time being published and it feels amazing! I am in the chapter titled Find A Mentor. My contribution to the book starts on page 156.

Some of the other contributing authors include Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Charlie Tremendous Jones, Marie Diamond, Vic Johnson, Don Boyer, Brian Tracy and Gregory Scott Reid. These authors have branded their names. They have helped to mentor 1000's of people in the world. They have been featured in many books, publications, radio, television and one of the biggest phenomenons in personal development today The Secret Movie.

The Power Of Mentorship book series are both inspiring and motivational. You will learn insider views regarding becoming successful in network marketing, as well as, learning the key to success - not just monetary but most importantly personal development of the individual - which is YOU!

I am giving away personally signed copies of my three books to anyone that enrolls as a FreeLife customer or distributor designating me as your personally enrolled sponsor/enroller. You get to choose one of the three books once you enroll. Follow this link to enroll today!(FreeLife) Once you enroll please let me know(Email Me). I will also check my back office to make sure you have enrolled with me. This is a win win situation because I know once you try the FreeLife products you will love them! I will run this offer until December 2008 (I have to put an end time because what if someone reads this post 50 years from now - not sure what technology awaits us - I might not be able to get a paperback book!)

Here are all the titles of my books:
The Power OF Mentorship and the Law OF Attraction: Special Addition

Power Of Mentorship For Network Marketing

The Power of Mentorship for the Home Based Business

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Looking Back...

Well...two months down in 2008 and only 10 to go! When 2008 came around I know many of you had many dreams and aspirations in your head...maybe some of you actually wrote your dreams down on paper. Before we get any further into 2008 let's reflect for a moment. Have any of you taken the action you have needed to reach your goals? If not what are you waiting for?? Are you still thinking 'I have 10 more months till 2009?' Take a minute tonight and write down a daily, weekly, and monthly plan about how you are going to attack what you need to attack to reach your goals. An example: write down my daily goals will be to contact 3 new prospects each day to tell them about my great "idea, product, business venture, etc." Believe me, if you take action and participated in this activity for the next 30 days I am sure you would reap the rewards of your activity. You will also feel good each day if you accomplished this little goal.

I just wanted to give you a little kick in the rear and wake you up and say there is no time like now to get moving and take some action so you can start living your dream!

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