Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time Is Passing And Nothing Is Changing....

A good friend of mine once said..."Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out". I am not sure if this was his original quote or if he got the quote from someone else...I just like it.

Time is passing and nothing is changing...are your potential customers not looking at the information you are sending them? If so you need to change today and repeat the small positive efforts each day!

I know many of you are networking online to make business contacts to gain new customers, marketing representative or the bottom line to bring more sales to bring income to you. Many people who work in sales do not think about the best way to get information to their prospects. It is so simple but skipped over so many times and your efforts could be wasted.

Suppose you met someone at a coffee shop and they were interested in your widget you were selling. You proceeded to ask for their business card and told them you would get information to them ASAP. You figured since you use the Internet so often that emailing them links to your site was the best way for them to receive your information. What you neglected to find out from this potential customer was how often this person was online. What you did not realize, this person was a travelling salesman for a high end plastics company and he was on the road 4 out of 5 days a week and rarely checked his emails during the week! Your best bet would have been to pop a CD with information about your product in the mail to this person so when they were travelling around for those 4 days it would have been a time for them to listen with no interruptions!

Like people say ...stop and smell the flowers. You need to stop and listen to cues and repeat this action day in and day out. Listen to your prospect.

I have compiled a list of key questions to ask your potential customers that will help you day to day:

1) Do you have a commute to work? If so your best bet for them might be a CD to listen to during the commute

2) Do you like to read at your computer? If so then sending links would be beneficial

3) To go along with question number 2 above - Would you like to review information online or on a disk?

4) Do you like to read in the evening? If so then send them some reading materials, brochures, flyer's, pamphlets, etc...

5) What things are important to you in evaluating a business opportunity? I love asking this question because it leads to so many options with the conversation. This allows you to really hear what your prospect is looking for. If you are in network marketing maybe they will discuss the products, pay plan or ask about bonuses or trips. They may talk about long-term commitments with the owners and the reps. This will give you the information you need so you know what information to send them. If they are heavy on the products you know to send them product oriented information...if they are interested in the income potential you know to send them earning statistics.

Another important thing for you to do is remember FORM

F - Family
O - Occupation
R -Recreation

When sending your potential customer the information they requested make a personal note and recognize one of these important key personal tidbits from the list above. If you show you care and took time to listen your potential customer will be more open to what you are offering.

Now that this is stated Is Time Passing And Nothing Changing for YOU? If you do not think you are in the best opportunity out there or you just seem to be spinning your wheels and you are not getting anywhere I HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU! See why Oprah and these highly acclaimed magazines have written about this incredible fruit I share with the world!


Create A Great Day!


k-rosenberg said...

Thank you for posting all this wonderful advice! This should definitely be something all work at home moms can benefit from. I also liked your idea of a CD. A lot of people are on the go, and may need to make their own time to pay attention to the details of your product. I also like your idea of the FORM acronym. It’s so important to always remember that family comes before everything! In the world of WAHM, finding a balance can prove difficult. I feel like the more stability you have in your business, the less you will ultimately have to worry, and the more time you can spend with those you love! One of the best ways to do this, in online business, is having a consolidated, organized system that keeps all your sales, investments, and income in order. For this I’d like to recommend Microsoft’s new Office Live Small Business. Have you heard of it? Not only does it keep you updated on your daily/weekly hits, it has a highly organized e-mail platform for all your important invoices, and a great newsletter blast option to keep your customers up to date on all the happenings. It also includes an easy-to-use web page designer, perfect for the less web-savvy entrepreneur. Check it out!

There’s more information at

Office Live Small Business is a fabulous tool for getting any starting out WAHM off the ground fast, easily and efficiently. Microsoft even hosts everything on your site for free! And to top it off, for no cost for the first year, you get a free customized “.com” domain name! With all this at hand, a lot of time can be freed up to focus on family, recreation, and further business prospects! Now, I work with Microsoft, so if you or any readers have any questions, I’m always around and would be more than happy to answer them for you! My personal e-mail address is Again Shelley, thanks so much for posting the great advice. I’ll be checking in.


ssgreylord said...

You have a wealth of knowledge and it comes through clearly in your blog. I like your writing style. Thanks for the information.

Barry said...

That is some good advice.

Lily Boynton said...

Listen to your customers definitely is a must. I learn this from my experience as a salesperson. With listening you'll know what they want and need and what to offer to them. Great post, Shelley.

Joe Gelb said...

excellent site

Hanifa K. Cook said...


I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog. Look forward to spending time with you here.

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