Thursday, August 7, 2008

Would You Rather...

While running on the treadmill the other morning I happened to turn on The Today Show when they were revealing their poll for the day. The question was asked of the viewers...

Would you rather
1) Lose 10 pounds
2) Get 10 extra days of vacation
3) Get $1,000

Let the question sink in and then choose your answer from above. What do you think the results were and why did you think that way? You can comment and then the poll results are below.

The results:
32% chose lose 10 pounds and it was a tie between the 10 extra days and receiving $1,000 - 34% of the viewers chose the vacation and 34% chose the $1,000!

Do the results surprise you? They surprised Hoda and Kathi Lee.

With today's economy people are scared. They are looking for more time freedom and more money to help pay the bills. With the rising gas prices everything is affected.

I thought people would have chose Lose the 10 pounds hands down. My reasoning behind my answer is the health issue. I feel without good health what else matters. I just assumed that others would see the health issue as a big deal. If you are over weight and have the health issues like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and other health related issues that go along with being over weight then how are you going to enjoy the money? I know 10 pounds does not seem like a lot to some of you but to many people that is all they need to lose to get in a certain frame of mind to start working towards a healthier lifestyle. To lose 10 pounds takes dedication and to earn a good living also takes dedication. The reality is money is a temporary comes and it goes but a healthy body is your key to a long life. All the money in the world is useless if you do not have good health.

In this economy people have shifted away from health to worrying about their next pay check and how they are going to fill their car up with gas. People are more scared of what is going to be next. Folks, the $1,000 will not last you too long and the vacation days will come and go and then you will hopefully have some great memories but that is all. What if you could work towards good health yourself and work towards improving your lifestyle? Would you give it a shot if the right opportunity came along?

For those of you who answered for more vacation days or the money I am sure if I ask you if you are happy with your present job you will say NO. Well, now that we have that out of the way what are YOU going to do about it? I am not saying it is going to be easy but start getting busy. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? You can be 10 pounds lighter with some discipline and action. You do not even need to join a gym...let your feet walk or run you to your goal weight. The vacation time and money issue will take a little bit more thinking on your part. If you are searching for more out of life than what your current employer is offering you then I would like to offer you a FREE 30 minute DVD that will share with you what I have done to add to my bottom line. I am going to be is not easy but with some effort and some time and some consistent action on your part your success will be assured. If you think you are open to taking the next step to improving your income status and even your health please leave me a comment here or contact me at shelleyk @ (do not use spaces in the email address) You need to get me your contact information or I cannot help you.

Create A Great Day!


GeologyJoe said...

I don't think wanting 10 more days off has much to do with how well you like your job. I just want ten more days to be at home.

The 10 pounds can be lost just by changing daily routines. Getting that much more time off isn't as easy.

recoup said...

Losing ten pounds could mean a lot to someone that's over weight.
It will cost you more than a thousand dollars in medications if you have a weight related problem.
Ten extra days of paid vacation is everyone's dream, but if weight is an issue it will be just ten more days of frustration.
Of course this is just MHOP.

Naomi said...

It would be a 3 way tie as all of these are very important to me. I have been an athlete and health conscious all my life (I own a health zone online store 1 out of 4 businesses) I also love vacations and all of my businesses affords me to take care of my health and vacations! It would be hard for me to answer this one! ;)


Irene's said...

I rather get $1000 than losing money

David said...

I would choose the 10 pounds and I'm not saying that because of your website! :-) I have recently lost my job of 22 years that was eliminated, but that was a great thing because I am now going back to writing music to make that my career, so I don't need the 10 vacation days. The $1,000 would come in handy, but as I am now using all my efforts and passion into doing what I love and have a gift for, I plan on earning income from that, so what I need the most is to lose the 10 pounds and that is one of my goals now for health and for my appearance as I begin selling and performing my music.
Thanks for you encourangement on your site!

Anthony said...

If you take the 10 days and do the right thing, you can earn the $1,000 (or more), lose the 10 pounds, and enjoy time with friends and family.

karthik said...

HA ha ha.Great post.I love to have $1000.

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Shelley Kimberly - my avatar is my online identity - me incognito said...

Susan and everyone else thanks for stopping by and making a comment!

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