Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seeing Is A Bit Challenging...

Seems t0 be the phrase I have been using these last few days since my surgery. "Seeing is a bit challenging," also seems be be a phrase used by many people dealing with the economic crisis as well.

Going through each day with one eye that sees clearly is a bit challenging. I have had a few headaches and have felt a bit 'sea sick' but I know this will pass. I also had a stitch that needed trimmed back because it was irritating my eye lid - once the doc did his work my eyelid was more comfortable. I am still putting eye drops into my eyes daily and sleeping with a horrific looking eye patch - my youngest looks at me funny before he kisses me goodnight! I know this will all be worth it in the end when I can see without prescription glasses or contacts. Science and medicine are gifts from GOD. I am blessed that I am fortunate enough to be a candidate for Phakic lens implant surgery and that I too have the income to cover the cost - insurance does not cover the surgery - I wish it did but my implants for my eyes is considered elective, even though I am nearly blind without glasses or contacts. Some of you have witnessed my "coke" bottle glasses :)

Eyes...what a symbol. If you look close enough at a paper dollar bill you will see a 'seeing eye' at the top of a pyramid. The all-seeing eye is a symbol showing an eye surrounded by rays of light. It is sometimes interpreted as representing the eye of God keeping watch on humankind. Do you think we needed someone to watch over us for the last 50 years or so?

During this hard economic time many people are being challenged. People were using money like it was Monopoly money for so many years that it did not have the value it once did. I am also guilty of that and my kids are as well. The difference between myself and others is I actually had the money to cover my 'things' while many other people did not and charging was the answer. There seemed to be so much to go around that each person forgot they were suppose to be the ones watching over themselves. The bubble had to burst sometime and it sure did! Do you see the seeing-eye on any credit card???

On our PAPER currency, not plastic credit cards, the eye is surrounded by the words "Annuit Cœptis", meaning "He approves (or has approved) [our] undertakings," or "God has favored our undertaking." I guess it was meant for the paper money we had not the plastic - like I said where is the eye on credit cards. Below the separated pyramid is, "Novus Ordo Seclorum," meaning "New Order of the Ages." We definitely will have a new order once government starts to control major companies with their bailouts!

I was reading that the unfinished pyramid, on the dollar bill, means that the United States will always grow, improve and build. There is always something to be accomplished. Well I guess there needed to be a time when we were suppose to slow all this building down!

I do not know what all of these symbols are on money means for sure but I do know that people need to start becoming more accountable to themselves and remember that just because you want something does not mean you NEED IT! This concept can be a bit challenging for some to grasp but without this concept a lot more people would be a bit more challenged at the moment.

Back to my eyes - my next surgery is this Wednesday the 17th. I know I will not be seeing clearly in either eye so not sure if I will be able to give you any update unless I can smash my nose against the keyboard and the computer screen:)

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Create A Great Week!


suryaden said...

wish..have a clearly day

astrid savitri said...

Ah, now I know what the eye on US Dollar mean is. Indonesian paper currency prefer to put national heroes instead philosophy yet the paper is more colorful :)

Did you know that the Sun in our language is MATAHARI? MATA = eye(s) and HARI = day - so it's translated as The Eye of the day, nice right?

Hey, I have other blog in English if you're interested; good luck with your surgery!

Shelley Kimberly - my avatar is my online identity - me incognito said...

Astrid - interesting - thanks for sharing. Thanks for wishing me luck.

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