Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Matt's Sailing Voyage from Milwaukee to the Bahamas...Began Aug 6th

While visiting Put-In-Bay in Ohio on August 15th, my sister Pam and a friend Veronica and I met a very nice guy. His name is Matt. We invited him to join us for dinner one night - he was sitting at the bar alone so we figured the more the merrier. He turned out to be one of the most interesting fellows we met the entire weekend. He is an accomplished young man that took on the sport of sailing about 5 years ago...Matt if I am wrong please correct me on that one. He bought himself a beautiful sailing boat (Matt you will have to fill in the details about size and all the bells and whistles).

Matt is now on a voyage from his home town of Milwaukee to the Bahamas to spend the winter - that sounds so wonderful!
I am going to post his journey for all of you to be able to share his experiences...did I mention...LADIES HE IS SINGLE! Maybe he can find his true love on his journey at one of the stops he makes. Ladies you can leave him messages on the comment section of this blog - hehe - Matt, we said we would take care of you :) Anyway, here is the first entry...

Hello Everyone!

Here is a little update on my solo journey through the Great Lakes and onto the Bahamas. I started out on Thursday Aug. 6th like I planned, left around 2:00… Yeah it was a bit of a late start, but if you were one of the few who stayed until the bitter end of the Bon Voyage party the night before you would understand. Thank you all for attending, it was a great party! Thank you Joe Miller for the party, Dan Nelson for the band, and Gwen Kuber for the posters!

I left on a nice sunny day with no wind, so I motored up to Sheboygan where I anchored in the harbor around 9:00. The next day (Friday) I met friends Max and Sam, and Frank and Julie from MYC for lunch. I then left around 1:30 in fog and no wind, and motored up to Sturgeon Bay. I made it in just after midnight and anchored by Bay View Bridge just before it began to storm. Several storms went through that night and rained heavily until morning. I then met friends John and Ellen Kuber from MYC for lunch and dinner. They were on their way back from the North Channel. I spent the day (Saturday) and night in Sturgeon Bay because more severe weather was expected. From there I went Beaver Island. I actually was able to sail with my spinnaker for a

bout six hours! I anchored at the southern end of Beaver Island for the night.

The next day (Monday) I left for Mackinac Island. Once again I motored most of the way but was able to sail from the Bridge to the Island, yeah! I anchored out in the harbor and went ashore to eat fudge and smell horse shit… the Island just isn’t the same without all the sailors.

Tuesday I started sailing though Lake Huron. It was a beautiful day for sailing. I had my spinnaker up in 10 to 20 knot breeze out of the Northwest and still have it flying all of the way to Saginaw Bay. So I’m near Saginaw Bay,been sailing through the night and continuing to sail as long as the w

ind is favorable.

I plan to start the Erie Canal around the 20th of August. Still looking

for a crew so if anyone would like to take a nice little cruise through New York State, please let me know.


The Concept II

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