Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Women and Business...What Is Holding You Back From Starting?

I am going to start a series of posts related to this topic...

I have talked to a lot of women over the years about the idea of them starting up a business from home. They get all excited about the thought of adding to the household income but something seems to be holding many of them back from starting…It could be time, money, confidence, support, or all four. If this sounds like you then this could be your day to change your mindset and believe that this idea – or dream of having your own business can become your reality. I want to help you get focused and start living your dreams.

If you get involved with a business solely based on making income then I am not sure you will succeed. Many do but for the masses you need to be passionate about what you are doing. Any sales position where you are sharing a service or product with another individual, I feel, is 90% relationship based to make the sale – emotions must be tied to the sale for someone to want to know more about what you are offering. Lets be honest…we all want to make money – but you have to have the passion to succeed and you have to have a mindset that what you are sharing will make a difference to another person…remember people will not remember how much money you made in this world but how you made them feel…VERY POWERFUL statement to remember.

Trust me, I have made many mistakes on my road to success but, it is those mistakes where I learned adversity and perseverance and turned that energy into my success! I want you all to be excited about what the future holds for you. Stop doing the exact same things you did yesterday or you will never get ahead…

I have helped many women, also men, succeed in business. I have also watched many crash and burn because they gave up too quickly.

Here are a few things to help you on your road to success…

1. Identify your dreams – or in another way to state it …WHAT IS YOUR WHY? Make a vision board that shows your feelings, your wants and desires… Is it making enough money to travel the world? Is it making enough money to donate to your favorite charity? Or, is it making more money and getting more time freedom to be able to spend more time with your family? I cannot tell you what your why is…you need to figure that one out for yourself.

2. Think about what you are passionate about – For me it is health and wellness. I love helping others feel better. I am very much a people person.

3. Find a business that fits your passion – I found a Direct Selling company that meets my needs. Maybe it is selling cars or skydiving…great thing is we are all passionate about something…you can turn that something into a profitable income stream by helping others. For me Direct Selling was my vehicle of choice to achieve my dreams…there are hundreds of Direct Selling companies for you to choose from and the great thing about Direct Selling is you can start your home business for less than your daily visit for a month to Starbucks! Kind of crazy – but it is true!

4. Write down your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals – not just where you want to be monetarily but your action goals as well – how many people will you talk to each day – how many presentations or samples will you share with others and so on…

5. Tell yourself that you believe in your business and this product and you believe it is a vehicle to manifest your dreams. If you do not have the confidence and the belief behind what you are sharing, then how will you be able to sell your widget to anyone else?

6. Read for 15 minutes a day - Feed your mind with uplifting materials - One of my mentors, Jim Rohn said, "The book you don't read can't help."

7. Focus on the positive behavior and have Gratitude. Please and Thank you are very important words – use them often.

One reason I chose to work from home is I want the flexibility to control my own schedule. If the kids get sick at school and need picked up I can go at the drop of a hat.

You do have to remember that going into any business when you are a full-time homemaker or as I say “Domestic Goddess,” requires much planning and juggling of the household responsibilities. One thing though, when your business starts rewarding you with a positive cash flow you can hire out some of the duties like housecleaning and laundry – unless those are things you dream about doing….

I think that is enough for today…I will be continuing on with this series of Women And Business in my next post…

Shelley Kimberly
Contact me for more information about my home business opportunity and see if it might be right for you!
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Author - The Power Of Mentorship For Network Marketing
"Creating Dynamic Business Relationships One Connection at a Time"

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