Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Guilt, Greed, Network Marketing...

Being in network marketing has its' ups and downs - especially when first getting started. Once you have set goals and built up a team and reached those goals then what? Do any of you ever feel guilty wanting more than you already have from your business (Monetary - Greed)?

I have been with my company now for just over three years - been in the industry for over 10 years. I have done very well for myself. I have worked hard and talked to thousands of people to get an enormous number of people telling me NO before I was able to get to the YES's I have needed to reach my goals. So why is it so hard for me to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor? I do know in part is because I want those I have brought into the business to reach the same level I am with my company. But the more I work with them the more money I make as well and I feel guilty. I often tell people that being in network marketing is like gambling...once you win the slot machine jackpot you stick around the machine a little longer thinking that if I built it this big once I know I can build it even bigger - which can be the case with network marketing if you stick with it - not sure how your odds are with the machine!

Because I want to stick around and help others reach the level I am at does that make me greedy? I mean, the more they make the more I make. I know I am here for their support system and love all the people I work with - many of them feel like family to me. Do any of you feel greedy making money in this industry?

I do donate money to different organizations and that helps to lesson the guilt. I also buy many of the marketing tools for my group to help get them started. I also know I have worked hard to get where I am and many people tell me not to feel bad for those in my downline that are not earning what I am earning. They ask me whether they work as hard as I do and I know the answer. The answer is NO. I do tend to coddle my group but I want to help them. I know I need to step back but if I see an opportunity I always want to share it with my team. I know in my company those in our downline can earn more than the upline - I know this for a fact because I am one of those people earning more than my direct upline.

I would like your comments on why there is guilt earning more than my downline and if you have ever felt this way? I have given them all the tools, training, my time and support that was given to me and I continue to do so everyday. I know I focus and have written down my goals and attended conventions and local meetings, as well as, online webinars. I have followed the path laid out for me...I know many in my downline have not. Even though I know they have not followed what has worked then why do I feel guilty?


Lady Language said...

Sounds like you should stop feeling guilty and enjoy what you have accomplished. I understand your position - I have my own business and often hide my success from others or downplay it - when people ask me what I do for a living, my answer is "I take care of my kids". My job is not my life, nor does it define my self worth. Maybe as a Mother and nurturer you feel the same?

Ezekiel32 said...

Thanks for commenting Shelly! :) Success is a response to life so my hats off to your accomplishments. **If you would love to share some advice, I would love to hear it.

Shelley Kimberly said...

ezekiel32 - I am just taking action. I set goals and talk to enough people to help reach my goals and help my team with support. The more people you share your product with the higher percentage you have to reach your goals. Good Luck! You can visit my business site at http://www.cyberhealth.freelife.com

Mary Leedy, SBC Coach said...

I don't think you should feel guilty at all. You worked hard to get to where you are today, like you said, you took action. That alone deserves the rewards you've earned. Cheers to you! :-)

The only kind of guilt I know of comes from my experience where the team is concerned. You work with them and yes, some need to have their hand held for awhile before they're off running with the ball. But when they don't get very far, the guilt sets in because you start to feel as though you didn't do your job as their sponsor. That feeling can be so crushing and depressing, put me into a major funk for about 3 months straight. The only reason why your team is not making the money you are is because their WHY is not strong enough to keep them going. They don't have a core desire to make it to their goals. Definitely something that can be worked on but it has to come from within them, not you.

As for greed, greed??? Maybe after being in this industry for 5 years I might still be "green", lol, but when you find yourself wanting more money in network marketing, all it means is that you enjoy the challenge of making it to the next level. You can achieve great things in network marketing, dreams especially, why not go after them full throttle??

Basically, it's not about the millions you make, it's about what the millions can afford you to do in life. Such as time freedom, giving back to your community, being debt free, giving to others, and creating a lifestyle that allows you to give a piece of it to your friends and family to enjoy.

So, stop the guilt and keep being the best you can be. :-)


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