Saturday, February 9, 2008

"You Can Do Anything You Want...

as long as you make up your mind you can do it!" Those words were spoken by Dick Hoyt.

If you want to be inspired, and see the meaning of dedication and commitment, the video below will hopefully change the way you look at obstacles.

A bit of history about Dick and Rick Hoyt. Rick was born with the umbilical cord coiled around his neck which cut off oxygen to his brain. Because of this circumstance, Rick has to face the world much differently than most of the people in the world.

When Rick got older he saw an event to benefit a local lacrosse player who had been paralyzed in an accident. Rick told his father that he wanted to participate in the five mile benefit run. Dick was not a long distance runner but had the commitment to his son and his family to help fulfill their dreams. They did do the race together, finished last but they completed what they started - overcoming many obstacles to make this happen. You will see how they run races in the video below.

Rick said, "The message of Team Hoyt is that everybody should be included in everyday life."

Here is the list of events Team Hoyt has competed in:

Racing History 1979 - January 31, 2008 - updated January 31, 2008
224 Triathlons, 6 Ironman distances, 5 Half Ironman, 20 Duathlons
65 Marathons, 25 Boston Marathons, 8 18.6 Milers , 81 Half Marathons
1 20K, 35 10 Milers, 29 Falmouth 7.1 milers, 1 Falmouth in the Fall Event, 8 15K, 208 10K, 147 5 Milers, 4 8K, 17 4 Milers, 101 5K, 7 20 Milers, 2 11K, 1 7K
Total 958 events

Personal Bests
2:40:47 Marathon, 56:21 15K, 1:21:12 Half Marathon, 40:27 7.1 Miler,
13:43:37 Ironman Triathlon, 35:48 10K, 2:01:54 18.6 miler, 27:17 5 miler, 59:01 10 miler, 17:40 5K, 2:10:45 20 miler

I first saw this video at a convention with FreeLife. I do not think there was a dry eye in the entire room. I hope this inspires you as much as it has inspired me. This family shows the world with some commitment and dedication you can do anything you want!


CatherineL said...

Hi Shelley - that is so true. Whenever you're struggling - you don't have to look far to find people who have overcome far greater adversities and gone on to do great things. It's so inspiring.

I'll watch the video later, as the kids are still in bed. Catherine

Speedcat Hollydale said...

So true in life that our perceptions are based on what is "normal" to out own minds. There seems to be a rating system installed in all of us, of course on a sliding scale of realative ease / difficulty.
When you learn to control the sliding scale with the power of thought, it is then that true functionality and absolute goals become attainable.

Saw you were by ... and decided to pop in. Hello from Eric, "Speedcat Hollydale" :)

Don Simkovich said...

Hi Shelley, this is an inspirational post. I feel, though, like I'm recovering from "surgery" as our home life finally settles down after many years of raising our kids --- long story. But 5 of 6 are special needs with great limitations. We're seeing successes; however, their challenges are tremendous.

Jyoti said...

Hi Shelly, The post is really inspirational. If you allow I will link it in my blog.We need the mother of your genre then the world can shape to its original design.

Sophia said...

Excellent story, Shelley, and truly inspirational.

My sister's youngest is Autistic, and it is really interesting to watch him with his big sister. His sister, who is 11, pretty much helps him to communicate with the world, even helping him to express himself when no one else seems to be able to. She defends him, advocates for him, and he looks at her like she's his hero.

It's truly a neat thing to watch. We always say that Randy will be all right, as long as Michelle is around.

I wonder sometimes: why does it take such a drastic situation like Rick Hoyt's (or Randy Johnston, for that matter) to bring out the best in us? I can't say I've every been as supportive and encouraging to my own sister as Dick Hoyt has to Rick, or Michelle to Randy. I know that wasn't exactly the point of your post, but that's how it hits me personally.

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