Sunday, January 11, 2009

The WEIGHT Is Over...TAIslim - Lose Weight, Feel Great!

New TAIslimWeight Loss Product From Freelife with GoChi.

Before I tell you about the product let me show you what it has done for my friend Dave Hull...

Before TAIslim™, Dave weighed 240 lbs. After only 3 WEEKS drinking TAIslim™ and following the information that comes with the drink he has lost31 lbs.! He is down to 209lbs. and still losing weight.

Did I mention that this comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee?
Visit FreeLife to order yours today!

FreeLife science has found the way to lose the fat and keep it off, and that's TAIslim

In Asia, the word
tai signifies "total" or "complete." And unlike any other diet you've ever tried, the comprehensive
TAIslim plan addresses every key aspect of successful weight control. TAIslim is based on FreeLife's revolutionary patent pending technology and research on the ability of the goji berry to reduce unsightly and dangerous belly fat.

The way we lose weight is to BURN MORE CALORIES THAN WE TAKE IN... Unfortunately, it's much more difficult for many when faced with that situation on a daily basis... There are many factors that are involved. Weight gain, and the resistance to losing weight, is caused by several different factors. Unlike other weight loss products and fad diets, FreeLife's TAIslim is scientifically designed to target ALL aspects of weight gain in order to make sure that the pounds come off quickly and efficiently.

TAIslim benefits you in 4 different crucial areas:

1. Burns Abdominal (Belly) Fat
Boosts Metabolism
3. Helps Control Appetite
4. Cleans and Replenishes

Let's look closer at how TAIslim can work for you!

TAIslim Burns Abdominal (Belly) Fat. The belly is easily the most unsightly place to gain weight. Unfortunately, it's also the unhealthiest and easiest place for fat to be stored. TAIslim is formulated with a perfect amount of GoChi Juice, which has been clinically proven to reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body that are responsible for packing on extra pounds around the stomach. In addition, other specialized ingredients work on digestive enzymes to help reduce the amount of calories that are absorbed form the food that you eat.

TAIslim Boosts Metabolism. The best way for the body to shed pounds is by processing and handling food more effectively and by burning fat more readily. This is all done by increasing the metabolism, and clinical trials have shown that TAIslim has a dramatic effect on the body's ability to burn calories. In some cases, calorie burning was increased by 50%. This makes workouts much more effective than normal - a 30 minute walk becomes as effective as a 30 minute run.

TAIslim Helps Control Appetite. TAIslim is clinically shown to stimulate the body's production of the CCK hormone, better known as the "Feel Full" hormone. Considering that food portions today are quickly growing out of control, this helps you keep yourself at a reasonable and healthy food intake. TAIslim also helps to curb those powerful, unhealthy food cravings!

TAIslim Cleans and Replenishes. TAIslim contains a scientifically advanced NuFlora fiber which promotes regularity and boosted metabolism. Even better, TAIslim goes to work on the many unhealthy microorganisms in your digestive tract that cause the body to absorb more fat and store it away in the belly. By replenishing the digestive tract, food is absorbed in a healthy and proper way.

You can only purchase TAIslim from a FreeLife Marketing Executive by either visiting their website or contacting them to help you place your order by phone.

TAIslim™ is TRIPLE patent pending, backed by science and has a liquid delivery system that is formulated for rapid absorption. So SIMPLE...

What Else Can TAIslim Do?

There are at least 27 documented benefits to drinking TAIslim

Here are just a few:
- Ingredients in TAIslim have been proven to boost the immune system.

-Feel fuller longer

- TAIslim supports a healthy and well-balanced thyroid gland.

- GoChi in TAIslim has been clinically proven to drastically boost the body's production of natural antioxidants and reduce free-radical damage. Extracts from green tea are also proven to boost antioxidant power in the body.

- Improve the absorption of minerals in the body.

- Improve regularity and up your fiber intake.

- Enhance energy levels.

- Maximize any exercise

- Build healthy muscle...and so much more!

Visit FreeLife to order yours today!

TAIslim -
Triple Patent Pending Details
- (From FreeLife Website)

The TAIslim formula is a result of FreeLife’s continuing commitment to cutting edge science and human clinical research. With three patents pending no other weight loss product can approach TAIslim’s exclusive formula, scientific innovation, or clinically demonstrated efficacy.

1. Formulations and methods for maintaining normal levels of catecholamines, glucocorticoids, androsteroids and their related hormones
Patent Application No.: US 61/121,432

Adrenal and adrenocortical hormones play vital roles in human metabolism, but at the excessive levels seen in many people, they also present strong risk factors for various diseases and abnormal conditions, including stress, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, progressive insulin resistance, diabetes, accumulation of abdominal fat, and obesity. This invention, derived from FreeLife’s clinical research, describes new methods and formulas to maintain normal, healthy levels of these hormones.

2. Formulations and methods for increasing metabolic rate, burning of calories, thermogenesis and total weight control.
Patent Application No.: US 61/121,519

A low metabolic rate is strongly associated with abdominal obesity and the development of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of abnormalities that result in increased mortality from cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes. Current methods of increasing metabolic rate are often invasive, employing harsh stimulants or extreme physical activity. This invention describes novel, clinically demonstrated methods and effective liquid-based nutritional formulas with four distinct modes of action to safely increase metabolic rate, reduce excess weight, and decrease health risk.

3. Formulations and methods for reducing abdominal fat and waist circumference.
Patent Application No.: US 61/024,831

Although all obesity is inherently unhealthy, excess abdominal fat represents the greatest risk to health. Located deep within the visceral cavity, abdominal fat is irremovable by liposuction, resisting all but the most rigorous intervention of diet and exercise. This invention, based on FreeLife’s clinical research on the Asian goji berry, describes innovative methods and formulations to effectively reduce dangerous abdominal fat without the need for aggressive lifestyle or behavioral modification.

TAIslim’s unique, triple patent pending formula, combines only the most effective, scientifically-supported natural ingredients, in the exact potencies recommended by the latest research. To learn more about TAIslim’s contributing nutrients, or to find additional product information, please contact Shelley or Visit FreeLife today!

If you do decide to try this unique weight loss product please come back to my blog and share your results with everyone!

Create A Great Week!


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